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meals ready in 10 minutes


Adventure waits for no one, and neither does hunger. Enjoy delicious, nutritious snacks and meals anywhere, anytime.

Our on-the-go options are designed to refuel you quickly, so you can stay energized and focused on the journey ahead.


When you're on the move, you need fuel that's as lightweight and packable as your gear. On Point Adventure Foods has you covered with our range of ultra-lightweight snacks and meals.

With no prep needed and fully cooked options ready in just 10 minutes with boiling water, you can refuel quickly and easily wherever your adventure takes you.


Discover the savory taste and convenience of freeze-dried food with On Point Adventure Foods.

Our home-cooked recipes use only the finest, real ingredients, with no fillers to dilute the flavor. You'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner – indulge in our delicious snacks and meals and take your adventure to the next level.


Adventures are meant to be savored, not rushed. That's why On Point Adventure Foods offers quick and easy meals that are ready in just 10 minutes.

So whether you're exploring a new trail or setting up camp, you can enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal without sacrificing your precious time. Get fueled up and get back to what you love with On Point Adventure Foods.


Enjoy any of our foods anytime, anywhere. Time is valuable so grab a snack, dessert, or even a full meal and take advantage of the convenience.


Our products are the definition of lightweight and packable. Eat or snack on-the-go with no preparation needed. Our meals are fully cooked and prepared, allowing you to enjoy a delicious hot meal in 10 minutes (just add boiling water).

Real Premium Ingredients

Savory tasting snacks and meals that will have you wondering why you have not embarked on the freeze dried food journey earlier. We take pride in our home-cooked recipes. No fillers, only flavorful real ingredients.

Quick Meal

We know how important it is to enjoy the adventures you love so that is why On Point Adventure Foods meals are ready in 10 minutes.